Building Authority Through Keyword Research


Working in SEO for over a decade now I have seen many different tactics come and go. When I started out things were much simpler. You could build a 1 page site, maybe throw up a contact and about page, blast some spam links and watch your rankings go up and up. What lovely times those were :)!

Nowadays it’s not that easy… but its also not that hard. Links still work well, but you need to concentrate more on quality and relevance. The main difference I see is the focus on authority sites. Over the years Google has consistently moved towards giving the top results to sites that have proven to be an authority in their niche.

Of course this makes sense. Most likely a site with loads of content, a good track record and history in a particular niche is a better bet that they will have quality info for what the user is looking for. This isn’t always true but I can see why Google has focused more on giving authority sites better rankings. Now what I always say is rather than trying to fight Google (which is usually a losing battle), instead give Google what it wants!

So what do I mean by that? If more and more Google is apt to give better rankings to authority sites than maybe we should focus on becoming an authority site in our niche. One of the best ways to do this is through content. Adding a lot of relevant, niche specific content to your site will not only help Google see you as more of an authority in the niche but it will also help pull in long-tail traffic for keywords you never dreamed of ranking before.

Content That Can Bring Traffic

Now there are a few schools of thought on content. Some people think, just write about anything related to your niche, if it’s quality than Google will eventually learn what it should rank for. This idea to me is highly inefficient. If we think of our websites as businesses, and our content as ways of promoting our business by grabbing free traffic than wouldn’t we want to focus that content towards keywords and topics that would better drive traffic?

If your niche is in dog training, and you write an incredible 3000 word article on training Siberian Huskies to overcome their fear of thunder, you may have written the best article on the topic but are you really gonna be grabbing any traffic for all of that effort? Wouldn’t your time be better spent focusing on content that has the opportunity to bring in readers and eventually money?


This is where using keyword research to help build out your sites is a must! By providing content on keywords and topics that are being searched you are giving your site a better chance for not only ranking for those topics but also grabbing those crazy long-tail keywords that relate to your content. There’s not going to be too many long-tail keywords related to Siberian Huskies and their fear of thunder.

What To Target

So as you know Keysearch will help you find low competition keywords. These are ideal to target. If your niche has a lot of low competition keywords, then by all means start producing content on many of these topics and building your site out with them.

Many niches though will only have a few low competition keywords. When this is the case I usually start building out content on even the difficult topics and phrases. Why do I do this? Well lets take an example. I love to go after high paying adsense topics. One topic I found was about becoming a veterinary assistant. Now ranking for the keyword “veterinary assistant” is not going to happen for me. The competition is just too stiff.

I have though found a bunch of low competition keywords in this niche. So to help fill out my content, and also help Google along in seeing my site as an authority I will produce content on the general big time keywords like “veterinary assistant”, “veterinary technician schools”, “veterinary assistant jobs” ect… These keywords I don’t plan on ranking for but they have good search volume and any good authority site in this niche would of course have content on these topics.

So how do I find these big keywords. Well thats simple! Just do a search in Keysearch and sort by volume. I then see what high volume searches would make for good content. You can get more specific but I usually keep it this simple!


Now hopefully down the line my article on veterinary assistant jobs starts bringing in some long-tail traffic. That would be great and as my authority builds I hope it will but thats not the only advantage here. I am also using these big time topics to leverage the authority of my site and bring me rankings for the low competition keywords I have found in this niche. So the heart and soul of my site is these low competition keywords, but my authority building content is the big general keywords and topics.

To me this has always worked well and is much more efficient. Rather than wasting time on great articles that most likely will never have any value, instead I focus on my main low competition keywords and then big traffic driving keywords as the “authority” content.

Of course each niche is different but this has always worked well for me especially when targeting low competition keywords in bigger more difficult niches.