Finding Niche Ideas


So you are all set to dive head first into keyword research and start sifting through the best low competition keywords/phrases but you realize… “Wait, I don’t have any ideas for a niche!” Unfortunately this is very common. Even the best brainstormers have days where they come up short on ideas.

The usual advice people will give is to look around you. What are some things in the room you are in? What hobbies do you have? What hobbies do your friends have? This is all well and good, and many times can get the ideas flowing but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper. Here are a few free places you can check that will definitely uncover some niches you would never even think about.

Google Trends


Google trends is usually my first goto. Here you’ll see a list of all the top trending topics on Google. It allows to search and filter by category which is great as well. Usually you’ll see mostly news items, or other topics that might not make for a great niche but sprinkled in there you’ll definitely see some great topics as well. Keep in mind that many marketers have made big money capitalizing on things like celebrity news, politics, gossip things of that nature. So at first glance some topics may seem totally out of the question but with a little creativity almost any topic can be a money maker.

For example a friend of mine always creates facebook pages about the lastest political scandals. Since this is a passionate topic for most people, these pages tend to garner incredible amounts of fans quickly and he finds creative ways to monetize these pages with t-shirts and other offers as time goes on. It’s actually really clever.

Not to say that news is the only thing you’ll find on Google trends, but keep your mind open when brainstorming.

Ebay  Items in Demand


For those of you who love product based niches, Ebay allows you to see what the current hot selling items are and also breaks them down into categories. This is an incredible place to get great niche ideas.

When im looking for product based niches this is usually my first stop. For example I love the collectibles and home & garden categories. These categories almost always uncover some great product ideas that I didn’t even know existed and have huge markets of rabid buyers. It’s also usually pretty easy to find low competition keywords and phrases in a lot of these niches.

Even if you don’t find anything you feel is worthwhile it will still get your brain thinking about niches you hadn’t thought about before which in-turn may lead to other ideas.

Amazon – Best Sellers


Similar to the eBay items in demand is Amazon best sellers. This is even more comprehensive since you can really dig into certain categories and find tons of different products that are currently selling well. There are plenty of marketers out there who solely use Amazon best sellers to generate niche ideas. For product marketers this is kind of like the holy grail for niche ideas.

I listed Google Trends and Ebay before this because for me personally I find it helpful to have less options. Amazon best sellers can set you off for hours, looking through different categories, products ect… It is absolutely a great resource but may take some time to sift through and find something that works for you.

Twitter Trending


Twitter trends won’t offer the most ideas. Many times it may offer not much at all but it is always worth checking. On a few occasions i’ve found some gems through Twitter. It’s also always changing, so even a few hours after you checked last time there maybe a great topic that pops up.

I will fully admit this is not going to get you a ton of ideas. You may go months never really finding a great niche idea through Twitter but on the rare occasion it may surprise you!


All in all these are my goto places when I am stumped for niche ideas. Usually after checking these 4 sites I have already come up with a few ideas and have gotten my brain thinking a little more outside the box. I also always throw whatever half decent ideas I find into Keysearch’s research section which will spit out tons more ideas related to those niches, so it really starts moving me in the right direction.

Lastly, remember to think outside the box. Don’t dismiss a topic right away. Take a few seconds to challenge yourself and see if you can figure out how to possibly make that throw away topic something great with a little creativity. Some of my best niche sites are on topics that at first glance I would never have thought twice about.