Google and Huawei Will Face Class Action Over Nexus 6.P Bootloop Issues


(ABC TODAY) In April of last year, a class action investigation began concerning Google, Huawei, and the Nexus 6P bootlooping issues. Many users were reporting issues with the Nexus 6P shutting down randomly, even when the battery was showing up to 60% charge. Other users reported endless bootloops and battery drain. Nexus 6P owners claimed that Google and Huawei were unresponsive to the issue. The lawsuit alleged that they were aware of the defects and still sold the devices.

The case has been ongoing for close to a year now and we finally have an update. Judge Beth Labson Freeman from the U.S. District Court in Northern California has issued a ruling to deny motions from Google and Huawei to dismiss the case. She also moved to dismiss claims that the cases don’t warrant a class-action suit. Warranty claims will be allowed to proceed against Huawei and state consumer protection claims will proceed against Google.

It wasn’t all bad news for Google and Huawei. The judge dismissed certain fraud or fraud-based, warranty, and unjust enrichment claims. The plaintiffs can replead these claims in an amended complaint (which they have indicated they intend to do) at a later date. So what does all of this legal jargon mean? The class-action lawsuit is not going away. However, the case is still a long way from being over. It took almost a year to get this update and it will likely take even longer to completely resolve the situation.