Manhattan nanny killed two kids because she was overworked cop testifies


She killed them because she was overworked.

That’s the rationalization Upper West Side nanny Yoselyn Ortega offered for why she fatally stabbed the two children entrusted in her care, an NYPD sergeant testified at her trial on Thursday.

“I had to do everything and take care of the kids,” Sgt. Yoel Hidalgo said Ortega told him from her hospital bed.

Ortega, who’s on trial for the deadly slashing of Lulu, 6, and 2-year-old Leo Krim, in 2012, was recovering from a failed suicide attempt when she offered her weak rationale.

“I worked as a baby-sitter only, and she wanted me to do everything,” Hidalgo, who was charged with watching her, told the court.

Two days after the attack, Ortega awoke from a nap and summoned Hidalgo to her bedside. Her words were so faint, the sergeant had to lean over her.

“My ear was almost to her mouth,” he said. “I was just trying my best to write down what she was telling me.”

Ortega’s lawyer, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, has argued that the nanny was not in her right mind when she allegedly stabbed the children.

On Thursday, a therapist she saw before the attack, Dr. Thomas Caffery, testified that Ortega was depressed and suffered panic attacks, but among the host of complaints she had about life, work wasn’t one of them.

“She seemed very preoccupied by what was going to happen with her son,” he testified. “With her sister in the Dominican Republic, there were many, many worries.”

She also cited “money worries” having to do with her son’s relocation from the Caribbean, the doctor said.

She was restless she was not relaxed,” Caffrey noted about his first and only appointment with her.

Three days later, prosecutors say she savagely knifed Lulu about 30 times while the child tried to fight back. Her kid brother suffered five stab wounds.

She sliced their throats and let them bleed out in the bathtub of their family’s W. 75th St. home, prosecutors said.

Ortega faces up to life in prison if convicted. If found not responsible, she’ll likely spend the remainder of her life in a mental institution.