One Cabinet was grilled by Congress alleged of taxpayer for flights


One Cabinet was grilled by Congress alleged of taxpayer for flights. Another faced an extraordinary within his department a swirling scandal. A has under for her to basic questions her in a nationally televised interview. And of them was the Trump fired. President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in  weeks has been enveloped in a of , undermining the administration’s to its and the of a increasingly to cast allies and go it alone. Trump’s of Secretary of State Rex Tiller son on Tuesday have been the salvo in a shakeup of a Cabinet that, few exceptions, has been a of rivals for headlines and sidelined White House. “Donald Trump is a lone-wolf who doesn’t to co-govern anybody and doesn’t anyone getting the,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University.

“For his Cabinet, he brought in a strand of outsiders and right-wing ideologues. Many are famed or business, that doesn’t you understand governance.” The  of embarrassing headlines for Trump’s advisers, as the president’s growing from them, stands in contrast to he portrayed the year. “There are those that are it’s one of the finest group of ever assembled as a Cabinet,” Trump then. On Tuesday, the hinted Tiller son that changes are, a Cabinet is in the making. “I’ve gotten to a of people well the year,” Trump told reporters at the, “and I’m at a where we’re getting to having the Cabinet and other that I want.” Amid the , Trump tweeted some for his the day Tiller son’s firing, “five of our [at] Cabinet Secretaries” would be on to testify infrastructure.

Even as Trump convened Cabinet meetings in of the cameras for “Dear Leader”- tributes the year, his   of its members began to splinter. Last he began bashing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former close adviser who was the senator to his campaign. Furious that the general reused himself from the Russia that has loomed the, Trump has mused about firing Sessions and taken to delivering Twitter broadsides him. Trump has the “beleaguered” and “disgraceful” to Sessions, who only stood the and defended his refusal decision. Tiller son frequently clashed with Trump, who never forgave the outgoing for reportedly him “a moron” summer grumbling that the had no of foreign affairs. The never a particularly relationship.