Ouellet receives support from 30 Bloc Québécois riding associations

Ouellet receives support from 30 Bloc Québécois riding associations

(ABC TODAY) One week after seven Bloc Québécois MPs left their party because they said they couldn’t work with her, embattled party leader Martine Ouellet has received a pledge of support from 30 of the Bloc’s 68 riding association presidents.

That support was contained in a letter sent to the party’s national headquarters and made public Wednesday evening.

The signatories also issued a call to rally around the cause of Quebec sovereignty, adding that Ouellet’s mandate when she was “democratically elected … was and clearly remains our raison d’être: the independence of Quebec.”

The riding presidents say the crisis over Ouellet’s leadership has shaken their party, which had been doing well since the 2015 election that saw 10 Bloc MPs sent to Ottawa. “It can happen that momentum can falter,” they wrote.

Other riding associations have privately expressed support for Ouellet, but have yet to do so publicly, according to Bloc spokesperson Pierre Tadros.

Le Devoir reported on Tuesday that the party’s riding associations were divided over Ouellet’s leadership. Seven of 15 associations canvassed by the newspaper called for Ouellet’s ouster or, at the very least, that a confidence vote scheduled for 2019 be held sooner.