Starbucks Should Bring This Avocado Frappuccino to the States Immediately


Starbucks releasing menu items internationally that aren’t available in the United States is nothing new. Just last week I got to dig into a Starbucks “Trio of Pancakes” that’s only available in the United Kingdom. But sometimes, when Starbucks launches an item abroad, the big question is why doesn’t the chain bring that item to the States? That’s certainly the case with a new South Korean Starbucks drink called the Avocado Blended. Does Starbucks seriously not realize how gangbusters that beverage would sell here? (Related: Starbucks Gave Its Strawberries & Créme Frappuccino a New Layered Look)

Though the Avocado Blended isn’t technically 100-percent new in South Korea, this awesome looking drink did just get a serious upgrade. When it reportedly first hit Korean Starbucks stores for a limited time back in 2015, the avocado-flavored frozen drink was apparently not particularly eye-catching. However, with this re-release, the coffee chain clearly had Instagram in mind, choosing to give the beverage some toppers to make it actually look like an avocado. First, a bit of dark green sauce is laced around the lip of the cup to provide the illusion of the skin, and then, a pit-like piece of chocolate is plopped right in the middle to complete the avocado shape. (Related: How to Use Avocados In 3 ~Totally~ New Ways)

These attempts to make the Avocado Blended photo-worthy have apparently worked. Officially unveiled on June 26, the hashtag #avocadoblended already has well over 400 posts on Instagram. Admittedly, some of those pics do a better job of maintaining the illusion better than others. For instance, this pic kind of looks like an avocado in a Starbucks cup…

And once you take it into your hot car, all bets are off…

It would seem that to get the look just right, your barista has to have a steady hand when pouring the sauce. Proper placement of the chocolate right into the middle of the drink is also key. And then you have to snap that picture super quick before the whole thing turns into a melted runny mess. (Related: Avocado Ice Cream Just Arrived at Whole Foods and You’re Going to Be Obsessed)

No word on how long the Avocado Blended will be around this time, so booking a flight to Korea just to try one is probably a bit risky. However, if you get yourself some Lindt chocolate balls and some green sauce, you could easily whip up a drink that at least looks as cool at home. They’re actually extra cool in just a normal teacup…