Stephen Hawking dies at 76 ‘A star just went out’ world honours renowned British physicist


Stephen Hawking has died at the of 76. The iconic physicist is as of the greatest minds in the of the, and to   the mysterious parts of the universe. But Professor Hawking was known for the he communicated those discoveries, his including A Brief History of Time making its way into culture. He died at his in Cambridge in the hours of Wednesday, his said. In a, his children Lucy, Robert and Tim said: “We are saddened that our father passed today. “He was a great and a man who’s and will on for years. “His and persistence his and humor inspired across the world. “He, ‘It would not be of an if it wasn’t to the you love.’

We will  him forever.” Professor Hawking explored both the smallest and largest parts of the universe: the limits of human across and space, and peering into the sub-molecular of quantum theory. His ranged from the origins of the itself, the of to the mysteries of space’s all-consuming black holes. His famous theoretical was the black holes are not black, thermal and potentially “evaporate”. Scientists to emanations as “Hawking radiation.” Professor Hawking said he wrote A Brief History of Time to as he could the topics that him. “My original was to a would on bookstalls,” he told reporters at the time.

“In to sure it was I the book on my nurses. I they understood of it.” Born in Oxford on January 8 1942, he attended Oxford University   onto Cambridge. From 1979 to 2009 he was Lucas Ian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge – a post held by Sir Isaac Newton. He was director of in the university’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Professor Hawking was to a wheelchair for of his, contracting a form of neuron, at the of 21. As his worsened, he had to speaking a synthesizer and communicating by moving his eyebrows. Professor Hawking was twice.

In February 1990 he Jane, his of 25, to home one of his nurses, Elaine Mason. The married in September 1995 but divorced in 2006. In his 2013 memoir My Brief History Professor Hawking how he was diagnosed the disease that he would live for decades: “I it was very – should this to me,” he wrote. “At the time, I my was and that I would never realize the potential I had. But, 50 years, I can be satisfied my life.”